DAOC Mob Mapper

Free software for counting deaths and mapping mobs in Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

This is the program I use to generate mob statistics and roam maps for

Here’s an example of a map that I made with this program:

White dots show 504 dark hounds; blue and red dots show two instances of Howl.

Download Version 1

Download executable

Download source code


The basic idea is that you make one or more chatlogs with the game’s /chatlog command. These chatlogs contain info about deaths or /groundtarget locations or both. When you click “Do it” on the main window, the program reads the chatlogs, displays the numbers of deaths for each type of mob, and makes a map from /groundtarget locations.

Tell the program which chatlogs to read by entering a path in “Path in” on the main window. The path can specify a single file like this example:


Or by using wildcard symbols, the path can specify a bunch of files. For example:


The second example, with wildcard symbols, is called a filter. You can see which files correspond to your filter by clicking “Show files”.

When you click “Do it” on the main window, if the program finds death messages in the chatlogs, it will display the count for each type of mob in the lower panel on the program’s main window. To convert these numbers into probabilities, calculate the binomial proportion confidence interval with a web page like this one:

Confidence Interval Calculator for a Completion Rate

To make a map of locations, enter a path for the SVG map file in “Path out” on the main window. You should also enter numbers on the “Set graphics” window. The first six numbers are SVG paramaters. You can learn about them by researching SVG on the web. The last two numbers (Zone Origin X and Zone Origin Y) are specific to DAOC, and you can learn about them on this page or by pressing “Help” on the program’s “Set graphics” window.

To make maps of a mob’s locations as it roams, stick to it and enter /groundtarget two or three times per minute. You have to use /groundtarget not /location because Broadsword doesn’t record /location in chatlogs. You can use a macro program to automate /groundtarget.

When you click “Do it” on the main window, if you’ve provided the program with the necessary information, it will create a map in the form of an SVG file. This file can be edited by hand, placed on web pages, converted to gif or png files, edited in PhotoShop, etc.


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