How to Extract DAOC Splash Screen Files

Instructions for extracting splash screens (commonly called loading screens) from Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

Splash screens are the big pictures that appear while the game is starting up. Players usually call them loading screens but Mythic called them splash screens. I’ll explain below why the names matter.

The splash screens are in a file called splash.mpk in the \pregame\ directory in your DAOC install folder.

Splash.mpk is a container file. That means it contains other files inside itself. To extract the splash screens from splash.mpk, you have to use an MPK upacking program made for DAOC. To download a free program of this kind, go here:

Unpack MPK Files

After you unpack splash,mpk, the extracted files will have names like these:


Those tga files are the splash screen graphic files. You can view them with a program like Photoshop or convert them to a common format like jpg with one of the many websites that do such things for free.

I started this little article by explaining that players call these files loading screens but Mythic didn’t. The reason this matters is that Mythic used the name “loading screen” for something else — for the narrow horizontal pictures that appear while a toon ports from one region to another. If you want to extract those loading screens — the real ones, the narrow horizontal bands — you’ll find them in \data\loading\.


Unpack MPK Files

This page was first published on September 25, 2019 and last modified on October 5, 2019