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Automatic backups

Mojo automatically makes backups of three kinds of settings files:

  1. User.dat. This file contains DAOC’s settings that affect all characters including window size, keyboard settings, volume, etc.

  2. INI files. These files contain DAOC’s settings for each character including quickbar settings, camera, etc.

  3. Mojo.fig.xml. This file contains the characters and teams that you’ve entered into Mojo.

Mojo automatically makes rolling backups of these files. “Rolling” means that Mojo makes new backups each time you launch a toon, restart DAOC, or change Mojo’s settings. Mojo numbers the backups to keep them separate. For example, backups of user.dat look like this:


When you restore one of these backups, you have to rename it to remove the numbering. For example, change “user.backup-1.dat” to “user.dat”.

To find these backups, go to “Folders > Show Mojo Folders > Show automatic backups” as shown in this picture:

When you restore a backup, rename it as described above and copy it to the folder where the real copy of that file is kept:

You can open all these folders easily by selecting Folders on Mojo’s main menu.

Confusing detail for some users: This paragraph applies only if you have or had multiple DAOC installs and you used a paths.dat file to specify separate settings for them. Mojo does this automatically for you when you create virtual folders. Due to a bug in DAOC, the names of folders in paths.dat are not the same as the names of the actual folders. The bug causes DAOC to remove the last letter of the name when it creates the folder.

This page was last modified on July 17, 2016