Change DAOC’s Mouse Pointer

Make it bigger or smaller or change its appearance in other ways.

I don’t think this works on Windows versions higher than 7 but I haven’t tested it so I don’t know for sure.

This feature works only when DAOC is windowed mode. You can make windowed mode look like full-screen mode by (1) going to DAOC’s Options and setting “resolution” to the size of the LCD, and (2) going to Mojo’s Set Preferences window and checking “Remove frames from launched windows,” or, if you prefer, you can remove the frames with a hotkey.

Step 1. Go to Windows’s control panel and choose a pointer for the whole computer. On Windows 7, the options look like this:

Step 2. On Mojo’s main menu, open Settings > Set DAOC client options. Check the circled box in the picture below.

This page was first published on or before May 23, 2016 and last modified on October 7, 2019