Create Virtual Installation Folder

Create multiple DAOC Options settings without using lots of disk space.

Virtual installation folders can be used like ordinary DAOC installations but they take almost no disk space.

Each virtual folder has its own Options settings separate from other folders.

However each virtual folder does not have its own copy of the DAOC distribution files. A virtual folder uses the distribution files in your regular DAOC folder. More exactly, a virtual folder uses the files in whichever DAOC folder was specified on Mojo’s “Set DAOC Options” window at the time when the virtual folder was created.

This means that each virtual folder depends on a particular regular DAOC installation on your computer, and if that regular installation gets deleted, the virtual folder will stop working because it will no longer be able to find some of the files it needs.

To create a virtual installation folder, use the “Create Virtual Installation Folder” window.

This page was first published on or before December 7, 2013 and last modified on October 7, 2019