Launch with Windows Shortcuts

Mojo lets you launch toons, teams, and accounts into Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) from the desktop or Windows folders with ordinary shortcuts .

You can create desktop shortcuts that launch toons, teams, or accounts. You can drag these shortcuts around the Windows desktop or copy them into ordinary Windows folders.

To launch, double click a shortcut.

Mojo can be minimized to tray while you launch.

You can organize your shortcuts using all the powerful features built into folders: resize, rearrange, change the view, change the columns, and so forth. You can make multiple copies of each shortcut. You can make multiple folders, each one containing a different category of toon or team. You can change the pictures to make your shortcuts easier to distinguish.

Here are some shortcuts in a folder. The folder’s view is set to "large." Folders can be set to many different appearances:

To make a shortcut, right click a toon, team or account or select it and open the Menu. Then click "Create desktop shortcut" as shown in red below.

Other ways to launch

This page was first published on January 21, 2014 and last modified on October 6, 2019