Fix Mouse Stutter on Windows 8.1

Mojo can solve the problem of jerky pointer motion in Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) on Windows 8.1.

Microsoft made changes to Windows in version 8.1 that cause the mouse to stutter and freeze in many old games including DAOC.

The problem is worse on some computers than others.

To solve the problem, Microsoft released a shim. A shim is a piece of code that Windows applies to certain programs if they are on a list.

In order to fix the problem on your computer, you must do three things:

  1. Make sure the patch from Microsoft that contains the shim is installed on your computer.

  2. Add registry entries that tell Windows to put DAOC on the list of programs that require the shim.

  3. Flush the shim cache.

Mojo helps you by automating the second and third steps.

If you have more than one DAOC folder, see the remark at the end of this page.


Go to Mojo’s main menu and click DAOC > Fix mouse stutter on Windows 8.1.

A window will appear as shown below. Click the button for Step 1. You will be taken to Microsoft’s website. Install the patch for your version of Windows and your language.

If the website tells you that the patch doesn’t apply to your computer, that means the shim has already been installed by an automatic update. You still have to do have to do step 2. (You can check for sure whether the patch is installed by looking in Control Panel as described below.)

Click the button for Step 2. Mojo will make changes to the registry and flush the shim cache.

Reboot your computer.

Another way to check whether shim is installed

You can detect whether the shim is installed by looking at the list of installed Windows patches in the Programs section of Control Panel. If you see either of the following patches, the shim is installed:

It’s not enough for the shim to be installed. You must also change the registry and flush the shim cache.

A note about changing the registry

Some people will decide to change the registry by hand instead of clicking Step 2 in Mojo and doing it automatically.

It is highly recommended that you let Mojo do this for you. This change to the registry is more complicated than most people realize. It’s difficult to do it correctly by hand.

If you decide to do it by hand, you should be aware that the registry has separate nodes for 32-bit and 64-bit programs. You must put the new entries in the correct node. If you’re unsure which node is correct, it will do no harm to put new entries in both. But again, you’re better off letting Mojo do it for you.

If you have more than one DAOC folder

Mojo applies this fix only to the DAOC folder that you entered on Settings > Set DAOC Options.

If you have additional folders, enter them one at a time on Settings > Set DAOC Options > DAOC installation folder, and click the button for Step 2 each time.

You do not have to do this for virtual folders. You only need to do it for real folders.

More info

See Knowledge Base article 2908279 on Microsoft’s website.

This page was first published on November 12, 2013 and last modified on October 6, 2019