Hotkey Triggers

Mojo gives you a huge range of possibilities when you select which keys you press to perform actions in Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

To make a gun go bang, you pull the trigger. Similarly, you press a trigger on the keyboard to make Mojo do something. A trigger can be one key or a combination of keys. Here are some examples:

Shift F10
LAlt LShift F10

If you wish, your triggers can be more complicated. For example, you can specify that NumLock must be on (that’s one of the lights in the upper right corner of your keyboard).

NumLockOn X

Or that CapsLock must be off.

CapsLockOff Backspace

A trigger has three parts: locks, modifiers, and the final key. The final key is the one that completes the trigger. Here’s a color-coded example.

CapsLockOn ScrollLockOff LShift LAlt Numpad8

The locks are blue, the modifiers are red, and the final key is gray.

With most programs only nine keys can be used as modifiers:


But Mojo lets you use any key as a modifier. For example, the following trigger works with Mojo:

A S D F Backspace

That means you would hold down A, S, D, and F (like a chord on the piano) and then press Backspace to make the hotkey fire.

(To do this in HotkeyNet, you had to use a special command, UseKeyAsModifier. This is no longer necessary.)

Mojo lets you include as many keys as you want in a trigger. For example, the following trigger is valid:

LShift LAlt LCtrl RShift RAlt RCtrl X Y Z NumLock Backspace V

This trigger won’t work on most keyboards because they usually recognize only five pressed keys at a time. Not to mention the fact that you’d need a couple of extra hands! But it could be useful if you trigger hotkeys with another program or a programmable device.

You can specify either left or right versions of modifiers (for example LShiift or RShift). You can also specify a generic key (Shift). The generic key will fire when either the left or right one is pressed.

Passthrough and Swallow

Another important feature of hotkey triggers is explained on this separate page:

Passthrough and Swallow

Press and Release

Another important feature of hotkey triggers is explained on this separate page:

Press and Release

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