Passthrough and Swallow

Specify whether other programs see a keypress that triggers a hotkey with Mojo for Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

These two words, passthrough and swallow, let you choose whether Mojo swallows a hotkey trigger’s main key or passes it through to the program that would normally have received it.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose F is the trigger of a hotkey. And suppose Notepad (a text editor) is the active window.

You press F. The hotkey fires, making Mojo do something. Will the F also appear in Notepad’s window? That depends on how you defined your hotkey. If you did it like this:

Hotkey ( F swallow )

F does not appear in Notepad because Mojo swallows it. But if you defined your hotkey this way:

Hotkey ( F passthrough )

F does appear in Notepad because Mojo passes the F through to Notepad.

Swallow is the default which means that if you don’t write either word, Mojo acts as if you wrote swallow.

Passthrough and swallow apply only to the final key of a trigger. For example, if you have a trigger like this one:

Hotkey ( Alt F1 swallow )

Other programs will see Alt but not F1. Only F1 gets swallowed.

Mojo has two kinds of hotkeys, the new ones that you define in scripts and the old predefined ones that you set on the Hotkeys tab. With new ones, you write passthrough and swallow in your scripts the same way I’ve typed them above. With old predefined hotkeys, you set passthrough and swallow on the Set Trigger window like this:

This page was first published on October 6, 2019 and last modified on October 6, 2019