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Paste text into DAOC chat

You can use the system menu or a hotkey or Mojo's tray menu.

Step 1. This feature requires "Enable changes to DAOC client while it's running." You'll find this option on Settings > Set DAOC client options.

Step 2. In DAOC, put the cursor on the chat line.

Step 3. To paste with the system menu, right click the window title or shift right click the taskbar button (with XP, right click the taskbar button).

Step 4. To paste with a hotkey, go to Mojo's Hotkeys tab and create a hotkey for Paste. Then press the hotkey.

Step 5. To paste with the tray menu, right click Mojo's tray menu and select Hotkey Actions.

This page was last modified on December 7, 2013