Press and Release

Specify whether a key moves up or down in a trigger or Key command.

Press and release are rarely needed and you should use them with caution, because they allow you to trigger a hotkey that presses a key without releasing it, and if you do that without understanding what you did, you will think Mojo locked up your computer and you will get angry at me. So please don’t use these words unless you understand what you’re doing and you really need them.

The one time you really need them is for movement hotkeys — for example, hotkeys that make a group sink into water or strafe left.

These words can be used in two places: triggers and the Key command.

In Triggers

Here’s an example of these words in triggers. If you write this:

Hotkey ( F3 press )

The hotkey will fire when you press F3. But if you write this:

Hotkey ( F3 release )

The hotkey will fire when you release F3.

In the Key Command

If you write this:

Key ( Z press )

DAOC will think that you pressed Z and are still holding it down. But if you write this:

Key ( Z release )

DAOC will think you took your finger off Z.

How Are These Words Used?

Here’s an example of how these words are used. Suppose you want your whole group to dive underwater when you press F3. We’ll assume that Z is bound to Down in the game for all toons.

Make a pair — I repeat, a pair — of hotkeys like this. One hotkey presses Z and the other releases it. It’s essential that you release every key that you press!

Hotkey ( F3  press )
   Foreground ( daoc )
   key ( Z press )

Hotkey ( F3  release )
   Foreground ( daoc )
   key ( Z release )

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This page was first published on October 6, 2019 and last modified on October 6, 2019