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Remove window frame and restore window frame

Mojo lets you remove and restore window frames from DAOC windows as shown in the two pictures below.

You can use this feature without entering account names and passwords into Mojo.

Scroll down for instructions.

This is done with hotkeys.

Step 1. Go to the Hotkeys tab and right click the background. Click "Add a hotkey."

Step 2. Select "Remove window frame from games."

Step 3. Cllick "Change" (red circle below).

Step 4. Set a trigger (the key combination you'll press to perform the action).

Step 5 (not shown in a picture). Make another hotkey for "Restore window frame to games."

Step 6. While your games are running, press your hotkeys to remove or restore window frames.

This page was last modified on December 7, 2013