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Send debug info

Every once in a while somebody finds a bug in Mojo and reports it to me. Usually I can fix it based on the person's description, but sometimes I need more information about what's going on inside the user's computer.

I get that information from log files.

Log files are created by programs to help programmers fix bugs. They contain records of events that take place inside the software as it runs.

Many people find it difficult to send their log files to me as email attachments, so I added "Send debug info" to Mojo. You click the button and Mojo sends the log files to me automatically. If you enter your email address, you'll get copies too.

Five files get sent:

There's nothing in these files that jeopardizes the security of your accounts. Nothing gets sent that identifies you or your accounts or your passwords.

This page was created on February 16, 2013 and last revised on January 6, 2014.