Set DAOC Client Options

Mojo adds code to DAOC’s process when it launches DAOC to provide the features described below. You can control most of these features by checking boxes on “Set DAOC Client Options.”

Enable changes to DAOC client while it’s running

Uncheck this box to disable all the options described below at once.

Show Mojo icon on game

When this is checked, Mojo draws a small icon on top of DAOC’s window. The icon has two purposes:

1. It changes color to tell you whether hotkeys are on or off, and

2. If you right-click it, Mojo’s on-game menu pops up.

You can move the icon with the mouse and resize it, and those changes will still be there next time you launch that same toon or account.

Add icon to title bar

Adds Mythic’s little Alb cup icon to the upper left corner of DAOC’s window frame. This kind of icon is standard on most desktop Windows programs. I don’t know why Mythic omitted it. If you double-click it, DAOC closes. This is standard behavior for Windows programs.

Enable close box (red X) on title bar

Adds the familiar red box to the upper right corner of DAOC’s window. If you click it, DAOC terminates. However, it doesn’t terminate the normal way. The way I wrote this code, DAOC gets closed abruptly by the operating system without getting a chance to save its setttings files. I did this on purpose to avoid the horrible bug in DAOC that erases its global settings ("Options") while it’s shutting down. If you always close DAOC this way, you will no longer lose your settings. You can still save them by quitting to the character selection screen.

Enable DirectX apps which may interact badly with Mojo

I added this for SweetFx because it blocks Mojo’s on-game features. If you want SweetFx but not Mojo, check this; otherwise uncheck it. You can always check it with Reshade because Reshade doesn’t block Mojo.

Use rigorous method to run more than two DAOCs on this PC

This option is grayed out because it’s no longer optional. Mojo always does this. I’ve kept the grayed out option on the window so people will know that Mojo is doing this.

Make DAOC windows resizable

This option was removed years ago. Nowadays, you can change DAOC window sizes with hotkeys using SetWinSize.

Fix DAOC’s mouse bug

This feature has been removed from Mojo because Broadsword fixed the bug.

Modify DAOC’s system menu

The so-called “system menu” is displayed by the operating system when you right click DAOC’s title bar or taskbar button (on some versions of Windows, you have to Shift right click the taskbar button). To disable this feature of Mojo, uncheck “Enable changes to DAOC client while it’s running.”

Use system mouse pointer in game

This feature is temporarily disabled on some versions of Windows.

This page was first published on August 31, 2013 and last modified on March 10, 2018