Set DAOC Options

Instructions for Mojo’s DAOC Options settings.

Pictures of this settings window are at the bottom of this page.

Back up game files before launching

When this box is checked, Mojo saves copies of your game files before it launches a toon. You can use these copies after a forced respec or crash to restore lost settings. To see the backup files, open Mojo’s DAOC menu and select "Show Mojo’s backup directory for DAOC." To see the original versions of the files, select "Show DAOC’s documents directory."

Mojo saves copies of the five most recent versions of each character file and the ten most recent versions of user.dat which contains settings for the whole game.

Allow Mojo to launch more than two DAOCs on this PC

If you check this box, you can launch more than two DAOCs on a single computer.

By default, the option is off. To turn it on, you must check the box in the red circle. DAOC launches a tiny bit slower when the option is on, but otherwise there’s no effect on performance.

This option replaces LottaCam and other programs that delete mutexes. This option doesn’t delete mutexes. It works a different way.

Serialize launches

Normally, if you have a multi-core CPU, Team Launch starts several toons at the same time, one on each core. But if you check this box, toons launch one at a time. This doesn’t mean that one toon loads completely into the game world before the next toon launches; it means that the operating system creates the DAOC process and window before the next one launches. This happens very fast. To human eyes, it may still look like the toons are launching simultaneously.

Team launch interval

Normally this setting isn’t needed and its value is zero. One of Mojo’s users reported that DAOC becomes buggy when Mojo launches two or more copies in rapid succession. If you have that problem, you can use this setting to make Mojo wait for a brief time after it launches one toon and before it launches the next, during a team launch. The maximum value for this setting is 30000 milliseconds which equals 30 seconds.

Launch DAOC as large-address aware

Normally this option isn’t needed and its box is unchecked. This option is for people who experience the bug that makes DAOC crash with a message that says SmartHeap is out of memory.

This option doesn’t prevent the bug, but it allows you to play for more hours before the bug makes the game crash.

There is a possibility that this option may make DAOC unstable in other ways but nobody has ever reported a problem with it.

This option works only on 64-bit Windows.

This option increases DAOC’s virtual address space from 2 GB to 4 GB so it runs for a longer time before it runs out of memory.

Here’s how this option works. If you turn it on, Mojo creates a copy of game.dll (the game’s main executable file) and changes a single bit in that file from zero to one. That bit tells the operating system to increase DAOC’s virtual address space. Then, when Mojo launches DAOC, it uses the copy instead of the original. Whenever game.dll gets patched, Mojo makes a new copy.

For more information about this, see Delay the SmartHeap Memory Crash.


Many thanks to CherubXT for suggesting this idea on VN Boards.

This page was first published on April 10, 2011? and last modified on October 6, 2019