How to fix common problems with Mojo for Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

Can’t install Mojo

1. Download this utility from Microsoft and run it.

2. If that doesn’t fix the problem, use this alternate download page on Mojo’s site.

DAOC loads and zones slowly

Everyone who uses Windows 10 with default settings has this problem whether they know it or not. To fix it, go to Windows’s settings for Windows Defender (the antivirus program that’s built into Windows) and add DAOC’s installation folder to the list of exclusions. Adding Mojo’s folder may also help.

Hotkeys don’t work

First, make sure hotkeys are on. When they’re on, Mojo’s M-button in the game is blue. When they’re off it turns pink. One way to turn them on is right click the M-button and select “Turn hotkeys on”.

If hotkeys still don’t work, you need to check each event in the chain of events that must happen in order for a hotkey to fire.

  1. Did the script load? The first thing that has to happen is the script needs to load. Go to Mojo’s hotkeys page and click “Load.” If a window pops up with an error message, the script didn’t load and you need to fix the script. If you don’t see a particular hotkey listed in the window, that hotkey didn’t load and you need to fix the script.

  2. Did Mojo see the finger press? The next thing that has to happen is Mojo has to see your finger presses that trigger the hotkey(s). Go to Mojo’s Geeky Stuff page, look at the upper left corner, and press the hotkey trigger (key or mouse button). Mojo should display the key or button press. If it does not, you need to close Mojo and all DAOCs, then relaunch Mojo and your DAOCs.

    This happened because the operating system disconnected Mojo’s keyboard hook and/or mouse hook. This happens sometimes when your PC runs slowly. To avoid this problem in the future, do these two things:

    1. Go to Mojo’s Settings menu, select “Limit DAOC’s CPU use,” and select an extremely slow setting for background DAOC and the slowest setting you can tolerate for foreground DAOC.

    2. Go to Mojo’s Settings menu, select “Set technical options,” and check “Set Mojo’s priority to above normal.”

  3. Did the hotkey fire? The next thing that has to happen is that Mojo must execute the hotkey when you press its trigger. To see whether this is happening, go to Mojo’s Geeky Stuff page, right click the background on the right side and slect “Clear”, go to DAOC, and press the hotkey. Then look at the right side of Geeky Stuff. There should be at least one message saying that Mojo executed or triggered the hotkey. If you don’t see such a message, or if you see a red error message concerning the hotkey, contact me (Rob) so I can help you.

  4. Did DAOC receive the command(s)? The next thing that has to happen is that Mojo must send the hotkey command(s) to DAOC. To see whether DAOC is receiving the commands, right click Mojo’s M-button in the game and select, “Show incoming hotkey commands.” If you don’t see hotkey commands when you trigger the hotkey with your finger, contact me (Rob) so I can help you.

Slash commands with local_foreground don’t work

This answer applies to all kinds of name substitutions, for example:

Slash ( "/assist local_foreground" )
Slash ( "/invite ACCOUNT_NAME" )
Slash ( "/bg invite WINDOW_NAME" )

In order for this kind of command to work, Mojo needs to know the names of all running toons. That means:

DAOC lost my settings

Sometimes DAOC returns to default Options settings (keyboard settings, etc.) This is an old bug in DAOC. It’s not caused by Mojo. But it’s more likely to happen when you play multiple toons at the same time. Therefore people see it more often when they play teams with Mojo.

To avoid this bug in the future:

After the bug happens, to restore lost settings from Mojo’s automatic backups:

DAOC won’t connect
Toons/NPCs/mobs disappear and reappear

These problems seem different but they are the same: the DAOC client on your PC and the DAOC server in Fairfax, Virginia, are having trouble communicating with each other.

These problems have nothing to do with Mojo. They may be caused by hardware in your house (router, modem, network adapter, etc.) but most likely, there's a routing problem on the Internet between your house and Broadsword’s server.

To check the Internet connetion between your house and Broadsword’s server, use this tool. It examines Amazon’s network because Broadsword leases its servers from Amazon.

Amazon Web Services Network Test

There are two things you can do to try to fix this kind of problem:

  1. Call your ISP and ask them to fix it. Most likely they won’t do anything.
  2. Pay for a virtual private network (VPN). I recommend Private Internet Access. I’ve used them for years.
  3. Bonus tip

    Often people write long complex hotkeys that do something but not what they want.

    The way to fix that kind of problem is, start over with a very short version of the hotkey in a new script by itself. Get that short piece working correctly. Then add another line. Get that new version working correctly. Then add another line. Etc.

    This is how professional programmers work. Any other way is madness.

    The same thing goes for scripts. If you have a problem in a long complicated script, break it into many scripts. Get each short script working properly. Then — you may think I’m going to say put them back together but I’m not — #include them in another script. That other script is the one you’ll load into Mojo.

This page was first published on January 23, 2021, last revised on February 1, 2021, and last republished on February 1, 2021.