What happened to Mojo for DAOC?

Here’s why I shut down Mojo and all my DAOC websites.

Download Mojo (will stop working June 2, 2021)

Unless there's absolutely no choice, only an idiot would work for a company that treats him like shit.

For years I've been that idiot.

I've decided to stop doing this. Let me explain.

I've been publishing free stuff for DAOC players for 18 years, starting with the trophy mob web site in 2003.

All of this stuff I publish, including Mojo, generates revenues for EA and Broadsword.

That means I'm donating money to Broadsword. Quite a lot of money by my estimate.

I've done this for years despite the fact that Broadsword and Mythic before them have treated me badly.

I've decided to stop allowing my labor to generate revenues for Broadsword. Mojo will come to an end on June 2, 2021. Most of my other DAOC publications (websites) have already been closed.

This has nothing to do with players. If I could keep giving this stuff to players without EA and Broadsword benefiting from my labor, I would do it.

But that's impossible.

Thank you for sharing these eighteen years with me. I had fun. I hope you did too.

This page was first published on May 11, 2021, last revised on June 15, 2021, and last republished on June 20, 2021.