One Script to Rule Them All

Nobody wants a bazillion different scripts.

Life is easier if you can write just one single script and use it with all your toons and teams. Here are five things you can do to make that possible.

1. Think of your toons in categories

Think of your toons as belonging to categories. For example, my teams have a driver, healer1, healer2, pbaoe1, pbaoe2, etc. The driver on my main team is a paladin named Ribble but when I write the script, I think of him as “driver” not Ribble. That way I can use the script with other drivers not just Ribble.

2. Rename windows

Name your DAOC windows with categories that you'll use in your scripts. For example, I tell Mojo to rename Ribble’s window “driver.” You can tell Mojo to do this automatically at the bottom of the Toon property window and Team Members property window. You may need to click “Show more” to see where you assign window names.

3. Use window names in SendTo.

Use window names in SendTo. For example, instead of writing this in my script:
SendTo ( Ribble )
I write this:
SendTo ( Driver )

4. Use window names with /target, /assist, and /invite.

For example, instead of writing this:

Slash ( "/assist Ribble" )

I write this:

Slash ( "/assist Driver" )

5. Use #includes

Sometimes the tricks on this page aren’t enough and you need to write hotkeys differently for specific toons. In that case, keep those special hotkeys by themselves in their own scripts and #include your one-script-to-rule-them-all script in the special one.

For more info about #includes, click here.

That’s the whole story! One script to rule them all.

This page was first published on February 11, 2018 and last modified on February 11, 2018