Ports your whole team at once.


PortTeam ( interval )


Interval is optional. See examples and remarks below.


In this first example, Mojo ports all toons at the same time.

Hotkey ( F9 )

In this second example, Mojo waits 1300 milliseconds between each toon on each PC.

Hotkey ( F10 )
   PortTeam ( 1300 )


Place all your toons near a teleporter, press this hotkey, and a little window will open in the middle of DAOC. Type your destination in the window, press return, and all your toons will say the destination to the porter — and whooosh, off they go.

Because PortTeam uses /say, everybody around you can see where you’re going. For a silent version of PortTeam that uses /whisper, see Echo.

I added interval because some people reported that they get error messages when lots of toons try to port at the same time. If you write an interval (you don’t have to) Mojo will pause for that number of milliseconds between porting each toon on each PC.

DAOC must be the active (foreground) window. If it’s not, Mojo won’t display the little window and nothing will happen.

This doesn’t work properly in DAOC’s full screen mode on some versions of Windows. You can play DAOC in windowed mode instead, but make it look exactly like full screen mode, by adjusting DAOC’s window size and removing its borders.

This command is identical to Echo except PortTeam prepends “/say ” to your text and Echo doesn’t. You can port your team with Echo too but you have to go to the slight extra trouble of typing “/say ” manually.

To put this another way, PortTeam is a specialized version of Echo.



This page was first published on November 4, 2017 and last modified on February 10, 2018