Renames one or more windows


RenameWin ( window new-name )


Window is the old name of the window, or the name of the toon in that window, or the name of the DAOC account associated with that window.

New-name is the new name of the window.


Hotkey ( F4 )
   RenameWin (  Tank Sparky )


I may have done something dumb with this command. I tried to design it so you can use it in a variety of ways and it will automatically work no matter how you use it. But sometimes that strategy backfires and the automatic behavior turns out to be confusing. Feedback from testers will tell us whether it’s a backfire or a success.

The idea is that you can write any of these things to indicate the window you want to rename:

• the old name of the window;

• the name of the toon in the window;

• the name of the window’s DAOC account.

As soon as Mojo finds windows in one of those categories that match what you wrote, it stops looking in the other categories. It looks at the categories in the order I wrote them.

Another tricky detail is that you don’t have to write the entire old name. You can write just the beginning of it.

And one last thing for HotkeyNet users. In HotkeyNet, matches of window names are case-sensitive which means that capitalization matters. In Mojo it doesn't matter. With this command in Mojo, if your window is named “MyWindow” and you write “mywindow,” it will match.

This page was first published on November 8, 2017 and last modified on November 8, 2017