Enters text on DAOC’s command line.


Slash ( text )


Text gets entered on the command line.


Hotkey ( Alt Shift Backspace )
   Slash ( "/say Multiboxing is awesome!" )

/Target, /Assist, /Invite

Instead of targeting, assisting, and inviting some particular toon, Mojo allows you to direct those commands to whichever toon is in the foreground window on the local PC. Do it like this:

Slash ( "/target local_foreground" )
Slash ( "/assist local_foreground" )
Slash ( "/invite local_foreground" )
Slash ( "/bg invite local_foreground" )
Slash ( "/cg invite local_foreground" )

If you use those commands for the driver, then when the driver dies, you can simply click on some other toon’s window. That other toon becomes the new driver and your hotkeys keep working.

In order for those keywords to work, Mojo needs to know the names of all running toons. That means:

  • launch all toons with Toon Launch or Team launch;

  • don’t switch toons on DAOC’s character select window;

  • don’t close and reopen Mojo while DAOC is running.

Here’s another good trick. Life is easier when we can use the same script with many different teams and toons. To help you do this, Mojo lets you write window names instead of toon names with these commands:

Slash ( "/target WINDOW" )
Slash ( "/assist WINDOW" )
Slash ( "/invite WINDOW" )
Slash ( "/bg invite WINDOW" )
Slash ( "/cg invite WINDOW" )
Replace WINDOW with a window name. For example, on all your teams, you could tell Mojo to name the driver’s window “Driver”. You do this at the bottom of the Team Members property page in Mojo. Then write the hotkey that makes toons stick to the driver like this:
Hotkey (F1)
   Slash ( "/target driver" )
   Wait ( 200 )
   Slash ( "/stick" )
As always with Mojo, case (capitalization) doesn’t matter.


If DAOC’s cursor is on the command line, this won’t work.

Enclose text in quotation marks.

If you need to backspace or move the cursor on the command line, use SlashEx instead.

This page was first published on November 3, 2017 and last modified on January 23, 2021.