Send and Accept Group Invites with One Key Press

Group your team in a split second with Mojo in Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

Your group panel looks like this:

You press a single key, and instantly your group panel looks like this:

To do this, make a hotkey like this:

Hotkey (F1)
      sendto ( Driver )
      slash ( "/invite healer1" )
      slash ( "/invite healer2" )
      slash ( "/invite nuker1" )
      slash ( "/invite nuker2" )
      ClickMouse (625 430)     

Notice that I’m using window names here not toon names. That way I can reuse the script with many different teams. I give names to windows of team members automatically with Mojo’s team member window. But if you want to write actual names of toons, like you would type in the game, that’s fine too.

Where I wrote "Driver", if you prefer, you can write “local_foreground” instead. That assumes the group leader will always be in the foreground (in the active DAOC window) when you press this hotkey.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to rename your windows, you can add to the list of invitations every toon you might ever want to invite to a group. Only the ones that are online when you press the hotkey will get invited. If you do this, you’ll have to write Waits between invitations to avoid having DAOC tell you to slow down.

That was the easy part. The tricky part is the numbers “625” and “430”. That’s the x, y location on my computer where DAOC’s “accept” button pops up. You have to replace those numbers with the x, y location on your computer.

To figure out the numbers that replace “625” and “430”, use Mojo’s “Show Cursor Position” command. Here’s how:

  1. Launch DAOC with Mojo.

  2. In the game window, right click Mojo’s icon (the small blue or red square with M on it).

  3. On Mojo’s in-game menu, click “Show cursor position.”

  4. Send yourself an invite and put the mouse pointer on the Accept button.

I’ve assumed here that the “accept” box appears in the same place in all your toon’s windows. If this isn’t true, you’ll have to write more packages to handle the different locations.

One last thing. You may also want a hotkey that disbands the whole group. That’s easy.

Hotkey (F2)
   slash ( "/disband" );



This page was first published on February 11, 2018 and last modified on October 5, 2019