Apps for DAOC

Third-party software for players of Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

Chat log parsers

Mojo Waldo DAOC Mob Mapper

Character planners

DAoC-Charplan Excidio (Vanesyra’s)

Catacombs DAOC Character Builder (no longer exists)


DAOC Utils Excidio

Programs that put gems on quickbars automatically

Mojo SetupCraftBar Loki

Lotto sorters

Serenitee’s Camelotto

Programs that back up and restore DAOC settings


Game launchers

Mojo DAoC-Starter

Apps that let you run more than two DAOCs on a PC

Mojo Lottacam (by Mojo’s author)

Screen lighteners


Delve parsers

By Mojo’s author

MPK unpackers

On Mojo’s site

Custom UI editors

DAoC User Interface Editor

This version is old and doesn’t work well with today’s DAOC, but you may be able to find a newer version by searching for in Google

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