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Third party DAOC software

Template (spellcraft) programs

Chat log parsers

Character planners

Programs that put gems on quickbars automatically

Lotto sorters

Programs that back up and restore DAOC settings

Game launchers

Screen lighteners

Multiboxing software

Delve parsers

MPK unpackers

Before you read the rest of this page

I’ve been criticized on PostCount for including LINKS to radar programs and other cheat programs in this list. I include them because this is a complete list of LINKS to what actually exists and works with DAOC.

It’s not my job to be a censor.

I capitalized links because from the anger that this list has aroused, you’d think this site is publishing the programs. It’s not. This site is only doing what Google does — publishing links.

Broadsword can remove these programs from this list at any time by stopping them from working.

This would be extremely easy — extremely — for them to do.

Third party programs have never been the problem. The problem has always been Mythic and Broadsword. Instead of paying a programmer for a few hours work to disable cheat programs, which would cost a few hundred dollars, they prefer to pay CSRs for hundreds of hours of work to terminate customer accounts, which has cost them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Does this sound sensible to you? Does it make any sense at all?

As for people who get upset about lists of links, I guess they don’t use Google.

Radar programs

Crossrealm software

Flyhack/speedhack software