Unpack MPK files

Two free programs for extracting graphics and other files from Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

Most of DAOC’s graphics are stored in containers called MPK files. Before the graphics can be examined or used by other programs, they need to be extracted from their MPK containers and saved individually on your hard disk as separate files. This process is called unpacking.

Because DAOC’s MPK files use a proprietary format devised by Mythic, you need a program written specifically for DAOC in order to unpack them. Here are two programs of this kind that you can download from this site for free.

DAOC MPK Unpacker version 10 and 11

This first program is more automatic and easier to use than the other program described below. However, it unpacks all the MPKs in a DAOC installation folder at once. If you want to unpack all the files this is good — it’s faster for this purpose than the other program.

DAoC MPAK Package Manager

This second program, from Dawn of Light, is harder to use than the other one described above but it allows you to specify which MPKs to unpack. If you want to unpack only a few files, this program is faster than the first one. If you want to unpack many files, the first one is faster.

File format

DAOC’s MPK format was reverse engineered for the first time by Oliver Jowett soon after the game was released in 2001. He published a tiny source code file that illustrates the format, which I’ve linked below.

To help understand the format, you can also read the document by Player X and the source code for the first program described above.



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