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Build 300 -- Miscellaneous

Post by Rob » Fri May 15, 2020 1:58 pm

New in build 300

Hard to believe this is the 300th build of Mojo. Coincidentally Mojo is very nearly ten years old. It started as a program called LaunchPad which I published to promote in July, 2010.

I was going to celebrate build 300 by packing it with a plethora of jaw-dropping features, but there isn't time because I want to get this build out right away in hopes that one of its features will help bring people to Vaporlock's new Discord channel.

I'll save the celebration for the next build.

Testers needed

I need some volunteers to help test a new feature in the next build before it goes live. To test this feature, you need to run Mojo and DAOC on at least two computers on your home network. If you're willing to help, please contact me by email or in Mojo's forum or on Mojo's Discord channel. You can join Mojo's Discord channel by right clicking Mojo's blue icon in the game.

New features

Two features have been added to the dialog box that pops up when you right click a button panel:

-- Toggle resizability of the panel. Many thanks to Brice and Craig for suggesting this.

-- Panel's screen coordinates.

Three features have been added to Mojo's on-screen menu. To open this menu, right click Mojo's on-game icon, which is the little blue square with an M on it that appears on the game window.

-- Toggle panels (switches them from visible to invisible and back). Many thanks to Vaporlock for suggesting this.

-- Join Mojo's Discord server.

-- Join's Discord server. This appears only when you're playing on Gaheris.

To download and install this build:

Mojo.setup.exe (normal install)

Mojo.msi (For people having problems installing on laptops)
Author of Mojo

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