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Build 302

Post by Rob » Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:58 am

Sorry, this build is not going to be published. Build 301 will be the last one.

Go here for more info.

Two movement keys depressed simultaneously? Reported by LockedIn.

Two new settings that cap DAOC's frame rate, one for foreground DAOC and the other for background DAOC. Many thanks to Lockin for suggesting this. (Not yet implemented.)

When launching a team with a desktop shortcut, the team's hotkey file now gets loaded. Many thanks to Rheddrian Benekander for reporting this bug.

When launching with DAOC's fullscreen windowed mode, Mojo's M-button now moves correctly to its saved location.

ClickMouse problem (GetClientRect reporting wrong size). Also, if xy omitted, nothing seems to happen in foreground window.

DoHotkeyAsync and LoadHotkeyFile don't work if they are in a package with SendTo ( a daoc )

Fixed bug that caused Mojo to crash occasionally when toggling panels. Many thanks to Retsam for reporting this.

Programmers notes

Changed case ID_TOGGLE_PANELS in cWinMainD_Imp_proc.cpp

M-button in fullscreen windowed mode: modified case mojo_remote::uReceiveMojoOnGameIconPos in mojo_remote::subclass_proc().
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