Build 313 -- Panel bug fixed

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Build 313 -- Panel bug fixed

Post by Rob » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:47 pm

A bug was fixed that prevented panels from displaying properly when they load as a result of (1) a hotkey command that contains LoadHotkeyFile() or (2) a Windows shortcut that launches a team. Many thanks to Tonka and Squadz for reporting the bug.

Programmers notes

Problem was that panels, which are windows, were getting created by worker thread instead of by main UI thread. Then worker thread exits and no thread exists to service wndproc calls. Fixed by adding:
  • uWM_LOAD_HOTKEY_FILE_IN_UI_THREAD and associated case-statement to main window's wndproc.
  • if-blocks involving threads to cHotkeyLoad::load () including LOGMON messages.
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