Build 317 -- Change window size with mouse, PanelBackgroundColor

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Build 317 -- Change window size with mouse, PanelBackgroundColor

Post by Rob » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:21 pm

This build is not yet published

Set editor

The dialog box for setting a text editor for scripts is working again.

Panel background color

A new option, PanelBackgroundColor, has been added to panels. Many thanks to Nephtes for suggesting this.

Resizable windows

Mojo now lets you shrink or enlarge DAOC windows by dragging the edges with your mouse. This lets you enlarge everything inside the windows including hotbars, maps, paper dolls, etc.

You can now also resize to specified dimensions or a percentage of DAOC's set size with the scripted hotkey command SetWinSize.

Resizing helps with 4k monitors

You can use resizing to enlarge DAOC on 4K monitors (or any other monitor). For example, set your DAOC windows to half size windowed mode on Options. Then double the size of the window with Mojo. Everything in the window will be twice as big as normal. The drawback is that Mojo uses DirectX to stretch the window which makes it less crisp or even blurry. Text may look crappy but on high res monitors it will be readable, unless your windows are very small.

Resizing details

This build contains three new scripted hotkey commands:

-- MouseCanChangeWinSize
-- MouseCannotChangeWinSize
-- ToggleMouseCanChangeWinSize

This build contains changes to this existing scripted hotkey:

-- SetWinSize

Side effects

To make the new commands work, I had to change a lot of existing code. This may have introduced some bugs in the following:

-- The Cursor Position window
-- ClickMouse
-- The M-Button's saved location
-- everything that has to do with mouse pointer position

System mouse pointer

Under some conditions Mojo will now replace DAOC's mouse pointer image with the regular Windows image. I think this is an improvement but if it bothers you, please let me know.

If you see a new bug, please tell me immediately on Discord or Mojo's forum. The sooner I hear about a new bug, the easier it is for me to fix.
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