Build 193 -- Multiboxing on multiple PCs and window frames

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Build 193 -- Multiboxing on multiple PCs and window frames

Post by Rob » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:56 pm

In this build I've continued to add multiboxing features. The main thing is that Mojo's new scripted hotkeys now work on multiple computers at the same time. In other words, this build puts multiple boxes in Mojo's multiboxing.

I'll get back to that in a minute but first a digression. I was AWOL a while back when some anonymous programmer at Broadsword (anonymous to me, anyway, otherwise I'd give him credit here) removed the infamous child window from the client. I just noticed last week when I returned that this has changed. Sorry for getting technical, I promise the technical stuff stops here. As a side effect, Mojo's "remove window frame" features broke. (Many thanks to Kristian for telling me.) I don't think those features are necessary anymore because Broadsword also replaced the old DirectX exclusive mode option in the client, known to players as "Full screen mode," (sorry, I broke my promise and got technical again) and replaced it with a new borderless-windowed mode option. Therefore Mojo's borderless-windowed option is no longer needed. You can select it directly in the client. But just in case somebody still wants to use it -- for example, with windows that are smaller than the screen -- I've left the hotkeys in. The launch options may also work now but I forgot to test them.

Getting back to multiboxing, in order to implement multiple computers with one hotkey, I added a bunch of arguments to the SENDTO statement. You can now SENDTO any toon's name or any window name. You don't have to explain what kind of name it is -- Mojo will figure it out.

Here's the complete list of arguments that SENDTO now understands:

#.#.#.# (the ip address of one of your computers)
<PC NAME> (the name of one of your computers)
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