Build 196 -- More multiboxing commands

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Build 196 -- More multiboxing commands

Post by Rob » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:00 am

In build 196, there are a bunch of new commands. There are now 11 in all.

I also added a dozen pages about the new multiboxing stuff to this website and linked them from the main menu on the top of every page.

For complete info, see the new multiboxing section of this website.

In response to Graveen's request, I added these commands to the program:



As you can guess from the name, DoHotkeyAsync is a little more complicated than its old counterpart in HotkeyNet which is just plain DoHotkey.

For the most part Mojo's new multiboxing stuff is simpler and easier than HotkeyNet. However I thought I better make this one thing more complex because Mojo's threading model is much more powerful than Hotkeynet's, and in some cases that might confuse people with regard to DoHotkey. By adding an extra parameter to DoHotkeyAsync I think I eliminated the possibility of that confusion. So this is a case (I hope) where a little extra complexity makes things simpler and easier overall.

To help with the window frame problems that Kristian brought to my attention, I've added these new commands:



To round out the list of window commands, I added:


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