Build 200 -- misc.

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Build 200 -- misc.

Post by Rob » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:33 pm

You can now write account name(s) in Sendto along with the other things (toon name, window name, IP address, computer name, and all the special keywords such as remote, local_background, etc.)

Mojo will now send hotkey commands to DAOC windows launched on Mojo's Account page.

PortTeam can now take an optional parameter that indicates the number of milliseconds to wait between each toon on each PC. For example, the following command waits 1300 milliseconds.

Code: Select all

PortTeam ( 1300 )
The following commands have been added:

ToggleHotkeys ()
TurnHotkeysOn ()
TurnHotkeysOff ()
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