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To do list

Post by Rob » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:27 am

If I forgot anything, please tell me in some other thread. I locked this one because otherwise everybody will start to post everything in it.

Hard stuff

Write Mojo DirectX window library for dialog-box pop ups done in build 250 Feb 18, 2018

Display client cursor position in game window (requires hooking DirectX) done in build 246 Feb 12, 2018

Variables for arguments of /target, /assist, and /invite done in build 242 Feb 11, 2018

Display visually in game window whether hotkeys on/off (requires hooking DirectX) done Feb 7, 2018

Movement hotkeys done in build 236 Feb 3 2018

Mirror mouse actions in background and remote DAOCs done in build 234 Jan 31 2018

Press/release in triggers done in build 234 Jan 31 2018

Perma set focus (internal) done in build 234 Jan 31 2018 (later removed)

Solve Swedish/Danish keyboard problems fixed in build 228, Jan 22 2018

Stop leakage of keystrokes into background windows (this causes unsticking and interrupted casts) Done Nov. 18, 2017

Enable Key() to send alt, shift, ctrl Done Nov. 18, 2017

Enable Key() to send key combinations Done Nov. 18, 2017

Easy stuff

Alpha (opacity/translucency) for panels Done in build 295

Bugs in "set name" on team member properties -- see this Fixed in build 288

Bug in team member launch folders. Fixed in build 287

If user presses "Check for updates" while mojo-launched daoc's are running, print message saying daoc's must be closed

Bug prevents "local_foreground" from getting replaced in "slash ("/bg treasurer local_foreground")" Implemented build 283

Extra unconstrained field on Toon properties that user can use for anything

Check possible bug preventing team hotkey file from loading after previous team loaded User error, no bug

Assign core affinity to DAOC instance automatically on launch.

Import spellcraft files from Moras.

Updates wipe windows 7 taskbar shortcuts

FIx copying toon settings from/to virtual folders.

Restore "set native window size" command done in build 276 September 1, 2018

Slash ( "/target local_foreground" ) done in build 275 June 14, 2018

Display commands received/executed by clients done

Display commands received/executed by Mojos done

Mojo on-game icon done in build 256 Feb 23, 2018

MojoApi LaunchDiscord done in build 256 Feb 23, 2018

MojoApi DoEditBox done in build 255 Feb 20, 2018

Fixed confusing design of Team Member Properties done in build 243 Feb 11, 2018

Auto-load assigned hotkey script for single toons done in build 238 feb 5, 2018

Add default hotkey script that loads automatically when Mojo starts done in build 238 feb 5, 2018

Mouse buttons as hotkey triggers. Done in build 234 Jan 31 2018

ClickMouse improved (left and right buttons) done in build 231 Jan. 27, 2018

ClickMouse done in build 230 Jan. 27, 2018

Raise max champ level to 15 done in build 230 on Jan. 23, 2018

Raise max RR to 14 L 0 done in build 230 on Jan. 23, 2018

Beep done in build 226 on Jan. 18, 2018

PlaySound done in build 226 on Jan. 18, 2018

Add SlashEx (cursor control on DAOC command line) done in build 226 on Jan. 18, 2018

Predefined hotkey "Press key" upgraded to call scripted Key command done in build 220 on Nov. 30 2017

Remote native-size stuff Done build 219

Add indicator of hotkeys on/off (taskbar button etc) done in build 221 Dec 2 2017

Fix problem with handle.exe Removed from program Nov 23 2017

Fix bug backing up user.dat to wrong folder. Nov19 2017

Notify Mojo when the Rename command in DAOC window renames window. Done Nov. 14 2017

Fix bugs in "Run more than two DAOCs" Done Nov. 14, 2017

Add Show Parameters to DAOC's window menu. Done Nov. 18, 2017

Display "system" menu in DAOC in its own thread Done Nov. 13, 2017

Add "rename window" to DAOC's "system" menu Done Nov. 13, 2017

Persist team properties window size. done Nov. 10, 2017'

Add Defaults keyword to set default values for Sendto and Foreground done Nov 10 2017

Add Echo done Nov 9 2017

Display list of DAOCs running on this computer done Nov 9 2017

Add automatic backups of virtual folder settings done Nov 9 2017

Add RenameWin() done Nov 8 2017

Add account names to Sendto parameters done Nov 6 2017

Send commands to DAOCs launched on Account Page done Nov 6 2017

Add stagger parameter to PortTeam() done Nov 6 2017

Add scripted ToggleHotkeys (), TurnHotkeysOn (), TurnHotkeysOff () done Nov 6 2017

Add pet damage to log parser done Nov 5 2017

Add PortTeam() done Nov 4 2017

Add RemoveFrame(), RestoreFrame(), Added DoHotkeyAsynch(), Cancel(), MoveWin(), MoveWinRel(), ShowWin(), SetWinSize() done Nov 3 2017

Add support for multiple PCs to scripted hotkeys (including new Sendto parameters) done Oct 28, 2017

Add hotkey scripts and Slash(), Key(), Wait()done Oct 27 2017

Upgrade compiler to VS 2017 done Oct 27 2017

Website stuff

Update pages to use Rob's website generator

Document all of Mojo's features

Test all of Mojo's features to see which ones still work and which have become disabled due to changes in DAOC

Add canonical href to WebMaker pages done Dec 7 2017

Update forum software done Dec 6 2017

Change forum style done Dec 6 2017

Move website to Rob's server done Dec 6 2017

Convert website to https done Dec 7 2017
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