Build 206 -- Sendto renamed windows, run more than 2

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Build 206 -- Sendto renamed windows, run more than 2

Post by Rob » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:16 pm

Fix number 1

Hotkey commands will now get sent properly to windows after they've been renamed with DAOC's menu command “Rename window.”

Many thanks to Tim and Hidden for reporting this.

Fix number 2

Someone reported that "run more than two DAOCs" wasn't always working so I looked at the source code. The program always contained two versions of this feature, "old" and "new", and users had to choose one or the other. This feature has always worked perfectly for me so I was astonished to find two enormous bugs in it, one bug in "old" and the other in "new." The bug in "new" stopped half of it from running. This "new" code was like a man with one lung, and it's been that way for years. The other bug, the one in "old", tends to block the feature from working under some circumstances.

I think it's all fixed now.

Incidentally, the difference between "new" and "old" is that the "new" code was written by me. The "old" code was written by Mark Russinovich, one of the world's top experts on Windows internals. I updated the old code so now it's newer than the "new" code.

You can now forget all about "old" and "new" because I removed the choice from the program. Mojo now runs both the old and new code automatically one after the other. If one fails to work perfectly the other will pick up the slack.

Incidentally, why does the client still restrict the number of instances to two? As far as I know, Mythic put that restriction in the program way back in -- was it 2003? -- when they added windowed mode because they were afraid that bugs would surface in the client when multiple copies were run. They were right, bugs did surface, some of which were fixed and some of which survive, but we've learned to live with the bugs and we don't need the restrictions anymore. Isn't it long past time to get rid of them?
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