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Build 212

Post by Rob » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:45 am

Bug fixes

User.dat now gets backed up properly. As always, you must enable "Back up game files before launching" on Set DAOC Options. This bug was in the program for only 11 days. Before that the file got backed up. Many thanks to Hiddenlurikeen for spotting this bug and telling me how to fix it.

Run more than two DAOCs

Several people have told me that “Run more than two DAOCs” has been broken since I started working on Mojo again a few weeks ago. Before that, they tell me, it worked perfectly.

Mojo contains two separate programs for this feature, like belt and suspenders. They are completely separate but they have both apparently broken at the same time for different reasons.

I wrote one of these programs myself. I haven't changed that code since about 2008 when I wrote it. It’s in a separate program so nothing I did to other parts of Mojo could have accidentally broken it. It gets recompiled automatically when I rebuild Mojo, and I upgraded to a new compiler when I came back in November. I'm starting to think the new compiler is the culprit.

I can't do anything about the other program because I didn't write it. A very famous programmer at Microsoft wrote it.

In this build, I've compiled my code for “Run more than two DAOCs” without optimization. If the new compiler is the problem, that may solve it.

If that doesn't work, I'll have to switch over to a new method of implementing this feature. I'll have to hook DAOC's call to CreateMutex before DAOC starts to run and call CloseHandle on DAOC's handle to the mutex from inside DAOC's process.

I would rather not have to go to the trouble of doing this. It would be a lot easier for Broadsword to remove that code than it is for me. I don't understand why Broadsword keeps that code in the program. It serves no useful purpose and it's an impediment to multiboxing, which Broadsword has decided to allow. If they are going to allow it, then for goodness sake encourage it and stop placing code in the program that prevents it.
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