Build 214 -- Run more than two

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Build 214 -- Run more than two

Post by Rob » Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:54 am

Run more than two DAOCs

I changed “Run more than two DAOCs on this PC” again as follows:

Handle.exe, the helper program from Sysinternals, malfunctioned repeatedly on Win 10 on somebody's computer. After extensive testing I removed it from Mojo.

I replaced handle.exe with new code that implements this feature in a new way. It turns on when you check “Enable changes” on “Set DAOC Client Options.”

My old code for this feature, called kill_mutex.exe, is still in Mojo, so we still have belt and suspenders.


More than 500 people downloaded Mojo in the last three days.

One person gave me feedback.

It’s impossible for me to write this program without feedback.

Unless I get more feedback from users, I’m going to have to stop working on Mojo.

Feedback means you tell me “the new feature you just added works okay on my PC” or you tell me “the new feature you just added doesn't work on my PC.”

You can give me feedback on Mojo’s forum or by email at

Use system mouse pointer in game

I turned this on again for Windows 8.1 and higher. It had been off for years because there were a few reports that it didn't work, but things may be different now because Broadsword removed DAOC's child window. Let's give it another try. If I don't get feedback about this change I'll turn it off again.
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