Build 255 - Bug fixed; new API

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Build 255 - Bug fixed; new API

Post by Rob » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:50 am

Mojo doesn't really speak Japanese

A bug was fixed that made Mojo display random Asian characters in the Echo and Port Team Windows. This happened when you clicked an empty part of the white strip and then typed text.

Many thanks to Rasmus for reporting this bug.

Mojo's new API

For many years, Mojo has had an API that other programs can call to launch DAOC. I've begun to add a second API that programs can use to display dialog boxes and other windows inside DAOC to interact with users while they play. The plan is to use this new API to integrate Discord into the DAOC UI. If you're interested in using the new API and/or helping me develop it, please contact me.
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