Build 259 -- PortTeam and Echo fixed; on-game icon

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Build 259 -- PortTeam and Echo fixed; on-game icon

Post by Rob » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:44 am

PortTeam and Echo fixed

I just noticed that PortTeam and Echo sometimes fail to display text on the chat line. They used to work perfectly. What changed?

What changed is that last week Mojo started turning hotkeys off automatically when the PortTeam and Echo windows pop up. When those windows close, Mojo does two things at once in separate threads: it turns hotkeys back on automatically, and it finishes executing the PortTeam or Echo hotkey. The order in which these two things happens is unpredictable. If Mojo tries to finish execution before hotkeys get turned back on, nothing happens, and that's the problem.

I just fixed this.

Many people must have noticed this. Why didn't anyone tell me? I would have fixed it sooner.

Mojo’s on-game icon changed

Somebody told me Mojo's new on-game icon was invisible on his computer, so I changed the method by which Mojo paints it.

Somebody else thought the icon was too big and said he wished it was translucent, so I made it smaller and lowered the alpha.

I'll probably make the size and alpha adjustable in a future build.

Many thanks to Nomadic and Warchildde for their help.

Mojo on Discord for testers

I made a Discord server for people who want to help with Mojo. Please join. You don't have to do much. I just want to ask people questions like, "Can you see the new icon on your PC?" The URL is
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