Build 298 -- SetForegroundWin, bug fixes

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Build 298 -- SetForegroundWin, bug fixes

Post by Rob » Sun May 03, 2020 10:06 pm

New stuff

A new command for scripted hotkeys, SetForegroundWin, has been added. This is similar to the old predefined hotkey "ActivateToonWindow" but it's better because you can use the name of a toon, window, or account. The old hotkey (which you can still use if you want) can accept only a toon name.

Mouse clicks now pass through transparent buttons ("ButtonLabelOnly") to the DAOC client underneath except when the clicks trigger a hotkey. Many thanks to Koxicain for this suggestion.

Bug fixes

Vaporlock found the following bugs a few days ago. They were in the program for years and would have been fixed long ago if somebody had reported them earlier.

1. With the predefined hotkey "Activate Toon Window", the toon name is no longer case sensitive.

2. Predefined hotkeys now work when called from Hotkey { DoHotkeyAsync } or Button { DoHotkey }.

To download and install this build:

Mojo.setup.exe (normal install)

Mojo.msi (For people having problems installing on laptops)

Programmers Notes:

Bug 1. Error was in cToonList.cpp, line 94.

Bug 2. Due to not passing pFunc or sArg in cHotkeyHandler.cpp lines 71 and 98. I fixed this by passing sArg and assigning the pFunc on line 128 of that same file, but the assignment doesn't take account of possible press and release versions of pFunc.
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