Build 318

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Build 318

Post by Rob » Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:00 am

This build is not yet published

Ping and tracert DAOC servers

You can now do these things automatically from Mojo's Debug menu.

Amazon Web Services Network Test

You can now run this test from Mojo's Debug menu.

M-button position fixed

The M-button's position now gets saved and restored properly when you launch by account.

Limit DAOC's CPU use

Like many old games, DAOC is programmed to use as many CPU cycles as possible. If no other programs get in the way, it grabs 100% of one core and about 45% of another.

The creators of DAOC designed it this way to get the highest possible frame rates on the puny computers of 2001, but this behavior is not always a good thing. DAOC’s cycle-grabbing greed can make laptops overheat and can reduce performance when you’re trying to run multiple copies of the game.

You can now use Mojo to limit the number of CPU cycles used by DAOC. You can set separate limits for foreground and background DAOC windows. Mojo will save your settings and apply them automatically.

To use the new feature, go to Mojo's main menu, click Settings, and select "Limit DAOC's CPU use." For instructions, click "More info" on that settings window. Many thanks to Tonka for suggesting this feature.
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