Build 321 -- M-button tweaked

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Build 321 -- M-button tweaked

Post by Rob » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:45 pm

Mojo's new CPU-lmiting feature looks like lag. You can slow the game down to 4 frames per second if you want.

Several people have asked me if this makes the game LD. I don't think so. Nobody has reported LDs from this and I think they're unlikely. Here's why.

This feature looks like lag but it's not. It's something else -- normal operation with frequent naps.

When the game lags, it's like a runner who can't get enough oxygen. It doesn't have enough resources to do its work. Part of its work is communicating with the server, and when it stops doing that for a long period of time, it disconnects.

But with this feature, the game has plenty of oxygen during each frame. A frame is a complete unit of work that includes communicating with the server. The game can take as much time as it needs and use as much CPU as it needs to complete that frame. Then it stops and takes a nap for a fraction of a second. It's that nap that reduces the load on the CPU. Then the game wakes up and does another frame with full resources. Even at 4 fps, communication with the server is delayed for only 250 milliseconds, which isn't long enough to cause an LD.

This feature looks like lag but it's not. It's normal operation with frequent naps.

New in this build

To show when cpu-limiting is taking place, an overlay now appears on the M-button. I think it's ugly but it does the job. Maybe I'll improve the artwork in the future.

It's no longer possible to hide the M-button. You can make it very small but not invisible.
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