Build 322 -- bug fix

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Build 322 -- bug fix

Post by Rob » Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:59 pm

I apologize for publishing two builds on the same day. I know frequent updates are annoying. But a very bad bug just got reported and I needed to publish a fixed version immediately.

The bug caused DAOC to terminate suddenly without an error message soon after it started up.

I think I've fixed the bug but I can't be sure because it was intermittent, so even though I don't see it anymore I can't be certain that it's gone.

Many thanks to Skaypii for being the first person to report this bug, and for going to considerable effort to provide me with information, and many thanks to Tonka for helping me identify the cause.

New in this build

The auto-close time on the limit-cpu advisory has been reduced to 60 seconds.
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