Build 324 -- better #include msg's and crash dumps

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Build 324 -- better #include msg's and crash dumps

Post by Rob » Fri Feb 05, 2021 7:52 am

Popup messages for missing #includes

Mojo will now display popup messages when you try to load scripts that contain #includes that can't be found. Many thanks to Hardscrabble for bringing this to my attention.

Better crash dumps

The second-best tool that programmers have for fixing crashes is something called a crash dump. Doctors have X-rays, programmers have crash dumps. Recently somebody reported a crash that Mojo can't get a clear picture of, so in this build I've beefed up Mojo's built-in X-ray machine. From now on, Mojo's crash dumps will be created by a separate process. A new file, mojo_dump_writer.exe, has been added to Mojo's installation folder, and successive crash dumps of the same build will no longer overwrite earlier ones,
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