Build 325 -- TerminateGame, full crash dumps

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Build 325 -- TerminateGame, full crash dumps

Post by Rob » Sat Feb 06, 2021 2:08 am


A new scripted hotkey command, TerminateGame, has been added. It closes DAOC instantly to prevent DAOC from erasing its Options settings while it quits.

You can also use the old unscripted hotkeys for this purpose. To set them, right click the white background of Mojo's Hotkeys page.

Mojo provides several other ways to do this, including the red X that it places on DAOC's window frame and numerous menu items scattered throughout the progam. Prior to this build, the menu items were named "Close program." Starting in this build, they have all been renamed "Terminate game."

Write full crash dumps

A new setting, "Write full crash dumps," has been added to "Set technical options."

Tweak to crash behavior

Mojo will no longer display crash messages or create crash dumps while shutting down.

Author of Mojo

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