Build 331 -- Ambient Light and bug fixes

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Build 331 -- Ambient Light and bug fixes

Post by Rob » Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:16 am


Mojo's "Gamma" tab has a new name, "Brightness."

Ambient light

Mojo has a new way to make DAOC brighter called Ambient Light. It's a slider at the top of the Brightness tab.

The old sliders adjust the whole screen but Ambient Light affects only the game itself. It raises the amount of light in the game world. When it’s all the way left, the game looks like it usually does. As you move it right, the game gets brighter. If the game is already very bright (for example, your toon is standing outdoors at noon) the slider may have no effect.

This slider has no on/off switch because you can turn it off by moving it all the way left.


Bug fixes

Keywords like local_foreground, remote, etc., were treated as case-sensitive by Mojo when written in SendTo in scripts. This has been fixed. They are now case-insensitive.

A report came in that the game slows down when it has been launched by Mojo and the ground target pointer is visible and the mouse is moving. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem, so I don't know the cause, but I took a guess and made a slight change to Mojo that may help. Many thanks to Tyrantanic for reporting the problem.
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