Build 333 -- Parse errorlog.txt, #testers

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Build 333 -- Parse errorlog.txt, #testers

Post by Rob » Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:35 am


You can help make Mojo better by testing new features. From now on, notes like this one will include info for testers. To become a tester, start doing it and report your findings in #testers in Mojo's Discord.

Parse errorlog.txt

This new window shows info about DAOC's crashes on your computer to help you figure out why they're happening. To open the new window, go to Mojo's main menu, click "Debug", and select "Parse errorlog.txt." Testers: (1) please make sure this works, (2) read the "more info" web page and the output page, and look for errors and for ways to make them more informative, and (3) as always, suggest ways to make this better if you notice any.

Name change

The last item on Mojo's settings Menu, "Limit DAOC's CPU use" is now called "Limit DAOC's CPU and GPU use." The feature hasn't changed. It always limited both CPU and GPU. Testers: Please (1) verify that the name has changed everywhere in the program and website, (2) check that the slowest setting doesn't cause problems in game, (3) as always, read the associated "more info" web page and look for errors and for ways to make it more informative, and (4) as always suggest changes if you think of any. If somebody wants to do heavy-duty testing, I'd be curious to find out how this feature compares to /clientsleep -- does this feature make /clientsleep unnecessary? Does /clientsleep give additional benefits even when this feature is in use? Etc.

Script-loading error messages fixed

The information, "Mojo expected to see..." has been restored to error messages that Mojo displays during script loading. Many thanks to rnbgh0st for reporting the problem. Testers: Please verify that "Mojo expected to see..." appears when an expected token, i.e. a right brace at end of a hotkey, is missing. As always, please suggest ways to make this better if you think of any.
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