An email I sent to John Thornhill

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Re: An email I sent to John Thornhill

Post by graveen » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:24 am

Thank you Rob for this detailed answer; i understand what you got in mind. :)

Yes, i also started a log parser, but gave up after i realized i could not reliably link events between themselves in the basic case of "melee char fighting a single mob", and handling more than 1 opponent would be impossible for me to provide accurate and reliable datas (which, let's admit, is exactly my vision of a log parser: what are my damages, mean damages, min/max on this player ? on the class of this player ? with this weapon, this other one, etc...).

Related to the relation with Mythic, we don't got any. The emulator is written for small audiences, which is the aim of DOL, so this is not something intended to cannibalize DAoC, but rather let your creativity explodes (Storm:D2 is a good example. Sure, Uthgard team brings it to a nearly commercial level - but this is clearly not the goal of DOL. A team member used to give an hand at BS, but his help was controversed in BS team.

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