Let's make a script with just a few lines of typing!

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Let's make a script with just a few lines of typing!

Post by NotTeamTonka » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:39 am

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Sooooo.... we have all these individual scripts. And I need to make a script for my melee team because my wife wants to run out and kill a high level magic resisting mob. But I don't have time to type out hundreds of lines, SHE WANTS TO GO NOW!

I saw Rob mention that you can use #include to insert other pieces of script into yours...

I want to try this out! Lets see, We need our General script because I need group invites and /stick.
And I am going to want my Melee spamkey because this is a tank heavy group!
But I need to tag my warden along for PBT, and a bard for heals. And this encounter is in ToA so lets add our new DiveControls script in as well...
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Wait, is that possible? I just typed out 5 lines and now we are ready to roll out to oceanus? No way.
Lets save this file, and load it. SURELY Mojo will chew this up and spit it back out, right?
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SO WAIT? All of my scripts can work like that? This changes the whole game! I can swap toons on the fly and it'll only take me a minute to change my entire teams script. I can #include whichever spamkey file is needed, or throw my class specific scripts into play using #include and build a full working script in no time! Plus, I've used all of these individually so they are tested and working! THIS IS SWEET!

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