Antivirus: Build 189 will probably be the last

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Antivirus: Build 189 will probably be the last

Post by Rob » Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:22 pm

I just got a report that another antivirus program is blocking Mojo's latest build. This is the third antivirus program since I switched to Microsoft's new compiler last week. Nothing much has changed in Mojo, so either a bunch of AV companies have suddenly become more aggressive or there's something in the code emitted by the new compiler that triggers them.

This creates a lot of additional work for me. Each time I publish a new build, I have to send copies of Mojo's files to some of the AV companies and ask them pretty please to fix their false alarms.

After I contact the companies they stop the false alarms, but each time this happens Mojo gets damaged because lots of users believe what their AV programs say.

I think I'm going to have to stop work on Mojo. Yesterday's build will probably be the last. I'm sorry to say this because Mojo is far from finished and there are major features that don't work yet. And it still doesn't have an icon! But it makes no sense to publish new builds if they drive users away.
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