I love Mojo and wouldn't want to play without it. Buffsteria on PostCount.net
After a month of trying this progam, have to say it rocks... you boosted my daoc-addiction to a new level. Kuldahar_MLF on PostCount.net
Rob [Mojo's author] is doing the gods' work. littlemyu on PostCount.net
...awesome tool :-)! I really enjoy it! Abase on PostCount.net
Absolutely amazing, this program remedies so many archaic elements of DAoC. Liav on PostCount.net
...love it...Thanks again for your awesome work! Ashmir on PostCount.net
I switched to Mojo this weekend and i must say it is brilliant. This entire application should be part of the official launcher. Shaz on PostCount.net
I thank you sir for this wonderful program .. i used to have tons of problems with daoc crashing .. no longer since ive started using Mojo.. ive now been using it a few months and didnt even realize i could use it to set my SC'rs qbars ... lol i could kick myself. Ace28usa on PostCount.net
Amazing program sir. Banjo on PostCount.net
I have to say Robbie [Mojo's author], you're a genius. This makes playing with 2 chars at the same time a joy... I also love the gamma, contrast, light settings. Adjusting the contrast really made a difference and adjusting the light a little made a huge difference to see around at night. Losse on PostCount.net
Mojo is awesome!Nantrox on PostCount.net
Holy $#@!, you can see every single toon on your accounts. That's straight up awesome. Amurdora on PostCount.net
No crashes and OMG I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!11!!! Jes on Mojoware.org
I love Mojo and it has become a REAL time saver. Pirate on Mojoware.org
This is the best program ever, it has totally spoiled me. Zoozz on Mojoware.org